Can Tea Help Heartburn?

Suffering from heartburn is a painful experience. One natural remedy that helps some patients avoid or diminish heartburn pain is drinking ginger tea. It is important not to begin adding any supplements to your diet without discussing their benefits and risks with your physician first. For many people, transoral surgery in Dallas is necessary to overcome the severe discomfort caused by heartburn and acid reflux.

About Ginger Tea

Ginger is a spice used to add a pungent, sweet flavor to recipes. It has also been used as a natural treatment for a range of digestive problems, including upset stomach related to chemotherapy, pregnancy and other conditions. People with heartburn often find relief with ginger. To make ginger tea, grate a teaspoon of fresh ginger and put it in a tea ball. Let this steep it in a pot of hot water for about four minutes, and then it will be ready to drink.

How it Works

Ginger tea soothes the digestive tract and has anti-inflammatory properties. Even the simple fact that it is consumed warm helps patients feel better. Ginger also eases related stomach issues, such as acid indigestion, nausea and gassiness.

Ginger tea is more effective for some patients when it is combined with other natural remedies such as slippery elm bark or goldenseal. Combining these herbs helps digestive linings heal.

Side Effects

Most people don’t experience side effects when they drink ginger tea. However, some do have diarrhea, increased heartburn or mouth irritation. Taking no more than 4 grams of ginger a day limits the chance of side effects so patients can benefit from the soothing benefits of the tea.

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