Reflux Symptoms Resolved with TIF Esophyx

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Dr. Ihde – Again I just want to thank you for coming, and for helping us get the word out about this procedure. It’s a new procedure; it’s only been around for about three years. About five thousand patients have been done, so it’s by no means experimental. It was FDA approved three years ago. But on average it takes 10 years for something new to get out to the common practice. So you came in with heartburn reflux symptoms, what symptoms were you having when you came in?

Patient – I actually didn’t have any heartburn, I just had reflux symptoms.

Dr. Ihde – And was it chest pain, or burning, acid in your mouth or all those things?

Patient – Well it started with chest pain, and so those are the normal beginning symptoms of acid reflux. And I never had the heartburn, but I just had the acidic taste in my mouth and acid in my esophagus.

Dr. Ihde – When you laid down at night did you have fluid or acid come up to your mouth?

Patient – Every night.

Dr. Ihde – Every night?

Patient – Every night.

Dr. Ihde – And where you sleeping on pillows, or sleeping upright when you slept?

Patient – Well the fact that I bought a new bed that was pretty expensive, which is nice to watch TV in. But it was for sleeping and to hopefully have gravity work and have the acid work the way down. But it didn’t even work.

Dr. Ihde – So how long have you been having these symptoms?

Patient – Well it just got progressively worse and worse, and I would imagine it was two to three years.

Dr. Ihde – And if you could pick one aspect of your reflux disease, what was the worst part of it?

Patient – it was every morning when I would wake up with the taste of acid in my mouth.

Dr. Ihde – Were there foods that made that worse, that you tried to stay away from?

Patient – Corn chips, tomato sauce, the normal culprits.

Dr. Ihde – And sort of what treatments were you on to kind of control that?

Patient – Well I was trying everything from apple cider. Drinking apple drinking, and anything to try to neutralize the acid. I would take Prilosec, but nothing really worked.

Dr. Ihde – Were you taking that medicine once a day or twice a day?

Patient – I would take it everyday.

Dr. Ihde – Even though you were on the medicine were you still having these episode?

Patient – Yes.

Dr. Ihde – So you saw other doctors for this, and what were they saying?

Patient – Well the only other doctor I saw for it, it was probably during the first year. And they did diagnose me with acid reflux. And to just be on medication and to just keep an eye on it. But it got progressively worse and worse as time went on.

Dr. Ihde – So how did you find out about me?

Patient – I was watching the cowboy game and there was the news anchor said, new acid reflux procedure tonight at ten. And so I hit record on my DVR, and made sure to record on the other DVR so I wouldn’t miss it. And I wrote your name, and I called you the next day.

Dr. Ihde – And once we saw you, what kind of work up did we do to evaluate you?

Patient – Well you had the initial visit, and you explained the procedure to me. But we had to do an upper endoscopy to make sure I was a via candidate.

Dr. Ihde – And then which procedure did you have done?

Patient – well I had the TIF procedure, and then I also had the hiatal hernia which I had repaired at the same time.

Dr. Ihde – And how long has it been since you’ve had your surgery?

Patient – I had it in March, so that’s probably about six, seven months.

Dr. Ihde – And what was your experience with the surgery, good, bad, not good?

Patient – Well the surgery with being under anesthesia and coming out of it, it takes a while to feel back to your normal self. No matter what you have done. So the surgery on the procedure wasn’t bad it was just obviously the anesthesia and kind of just feeling like your normal self after a while.

Dr. Ihde – How long did you stay in the hospital?

Patient – I stayed till the following evening.

Dr. Ihde – How long at home before you felt normal again, or you felt like doing your regular activities?

Patient – Well I had that procedure done on a Friday, and I left the hospital on Saturday. I could have done to work on Monday, but I went on Tuesday.

Dr. Ihde – How long before you felt like there was a change in your symptoms?

Patient – Immediately.

Dr. Ihde – Immediately. Ok. Are you taking any medicine for heartburn now, reflux?

Patient – No.

Dr. Ihde – Are you having any reflux?

Patient – No.

Dr. Ihde – Have you had any reflux since surgery?

Patient – No.

Dr. Ihde – That’s pretty impressive. So have you started to eat other foods before you avoided?

Patient – Yes. I learned to live without fried foods, so I haven’t really gone back to them. They are kind of to watch my diet.

Dr. Ihde – That’s probably good for you.

Patient – Yes, it’s good for me. I’m open to it, and I have had some of those. And everything doesn’t cause any problems at all.

Dr. Ihde – Are you pretty satisfied with the procedure then?

Patient – I’m very satisfied.

Dr. Ihde – Something you would recommend to a friend?

Patient – Anyone who has these types of symptoms, and is suffering no longer has to suffer. That’s the word that needs to get out. Is that I don’t think a lot of people are prevute to this information and once they find it out. They can have their life back and just live a normal life.

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