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In North Texas and Need Acid Reflux Surgery?

Suffering from heartburn or indigestion and don’t really understand what’s going on?, acid reflux surgery in North TexasThe most efficient way of treating reflux symptoms is by stopping the acid secretion completely in your stomach. People normally experience constant irritation including pain in the inner walls of the esophagus and in the abdomen, this is the major symptom of acid reflux. The pain can sometime be unbearable and most people will resort to surgery as their only option.

However, there are some cases where prescribed medicine should be just enough to alleviate the pain. If not, the doctor will most likely recommend acid reflux surgery to which there are many benefits that the patient can obtain from this.

The main reason as to why the surgery is recommended is when the initial treatments for the acid reflux have failed to work. This means that as a patient you will continue to experience the same symptoms even after using drugs. You may also consider surgery if you don’t want to rely on medication for the rest of your life. Ineffective medication obviously means that you need a more permanent solution.

Acid reflux surgery involves the repairing of valves in the stomach so that the acid is blocked completely from entering the esophagus. Once your current condition has been considered and the doctor thinks you are qualified for the surgery, then the decision to go forward or not can be made.

The benefits of acid reflux surgery are vast. The major benefit is that you will experience less discomfort as most of the patients that undergo the surgery never experience heartburn again. It is also known that more than half of the patients who undergo this surgery get cured from respiratory problems such as asthma that is a result of the acid reflux.

Additionally, you should know that bile reflux is a condition that can lead to cancer, and in this case the surgery is the ideal option to avoid all cancerous possibilities.

There are two main methods that are used when performing reflux surgery. These are the fundoplication and the intraluminal endoscopic acid reflex surgery. The first method is done by tightening the esophagus walls so that the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter is increased. This will make it harder for the acid in the stomach to come upwards. The other method uses the same procedures, but the difference is that an endoscope is used this time. The two options are effective and safe with a typically short recovery period.

If heartburn, GERD or other symptoms of acid reflux are hindering your life, check into Ihde Surgical Group and our acid reflux surgery procedures today.

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